You’re building a custom home! You already have been aware of the location, budget, and timeframe for the building process. Now it is time to get some crucial details of your custom home design from architectural home builders such as the number of bedrooms, layout, basement, and on and on. From here, you have two options. The first is to get a stock plan that is previously designed by licensed architectural home builders. The second option is to buy a custom drawn plan, where you sit down with an architect and discuss your requirements.
Outlined below are the pros and cons of each of these options to help you find out which is the best way for you and your loved ones.

Custom Drawn Plans

As the name indicates, a custom-drawn plan is an option that will lead you to a licensed building designer or architect who will sit with you to discuss your lifestyle? The architectural home builders Auckland will compile all of your answers and draw a plan specifically for your family.


• They are particularly drawn by the home owner’s lifestyle and design preferences.
• Special needs may include extra-large master closet, wheelchair accessible, etc.


• Considerably more expensive than stock plans
• Can be time-consuming
• Get influenced by their taste and style preference
• Potential conflicts with builders

Stock Plans

Stock plans are house plans that have been designed for general people, based on features as per the request of the homeowner. Rather than being drawn for a particular family, these plans for the mass population. Stock plans offer a better value for your time spent in meetings with your home builders Auckland.


• Saves money
• Ability to form a plan without beginning from a scratch
• The simple and quick purchase process


• Might need additional information to fulfill the local regulations
• Not as customizable as your plan

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