How websites are important from a user’s perspective
A web designing course would tell one that it is essential to make a simple website interface for users. When one has a simple interface , they make a perfect impression on the user. This would also give more leads and conversions to an organization. Therefore, a web designing course will give one tips to make a simple website.
The 4 tips
1. Designers have to give a thought to element placement and size
A web designing course would teach one about Fit’s Law: an essential principle of human-computer interaction. It says that the time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size of the target. To express it in simple words, it means the closer or bigger an element, the quicker an end user can put their cursor to it, Therefore, it is important for designers to make buttons and other “click targets such as icons and text links big enough to click on it. It would apply to typography, menus, and other link lists, as inadequate space will leave people clicking the wrong links again and again. Therefore, they have to make the buttons for the most ordinary actions larger and more prominent. Finally, they must keep navigation (interactive visual elements, like search bars on the edges or corners of the screen . This ensures that users don’t exceed their clicking target.

2. Not a good idea to overlook standard norms in design
A web designing course would tell one about how designer want to try new things. However, it may not be a good idea because a redesigned version of a familiar interaction or interface may force people to rethink about a learnt process. However, one could do the re-design only if it enhances the design
3. Create an interface that is easy to learn and remember
A web designing course would tell one that they should make the interface simpler for the end-user. For the only reason that, people can only possess 5 to 9 things in their short-term memory. Therefore, a designer should ensure that they restrict the number of things a person needs to remember in order to use your interface efficiently and effectively. You can give them this by chunking information by breaking it into small pieces of information.

4. Make the decision-making process simpler for the user
A web designing course would tell one that when they include too many UI options in the website. This will result in a tougher decision-making process for the end-user. Hence , it is wiser to make it a simpler design for users to make a simple decision process.