150 watt ufo led and 450w high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps: 450w HPS lamps are commonly used for high bay lighting in warehouses, industrial, commercial and entertainment venues. Their benefits include being cheap, with other traditional bulbs presumably, HPS has a relatively long life. But they all lost to 150w ufo led high bay light. Disadvantages of HPS bulbs include the worst color rendering and warm-up periods on the market.

150w ufo led high bay light and fluorescent lamps: Although less common, fluorescent lamps are sometimes used in warehouse or industrial applications (mainly T12, T8 and T5 lamps). The two major benefits of fluorescent lamps are their low cost and relatively high efficiency (especially compared to other conventional bulbs). Disadvantages include the presence of toxic mercury that can seriously pollute the environment, shortened life and the need for ballasts to stabilize light.