The need for certain principles in design
A web designing course would give a designer information on guidelines in design . a designer would know that every design has a specific purpose : either create a sense of unity among dissimilar elements, or creatively break that unity to encourage a particular action. Hence, designers need to have a clear understanding of principles that either create or disrupt designs.

The Four Principles covered in a web designing course

1. The principle of emergence

A web designing course would tell one that emergence is where designers have a clear understanding of the whole much before they identify their parts . It would also be where designers understand the outline and then make a comparison with objects seen earlier. It is suggested that web designers should stick to familiar, easily recognizable patterns. For the reason that, simple forms are easier to identify than a difficult one.

2. The principle of Reification

A web designing course would tell one that the principle of reification says that human mind fills the gaps in visual information in order to identify objects. Thus, the audience doesn’t have to see the complete picture to get a clear understanding of it,, Therefore, designers don’t have to include an entire object for it to be identifiable to the audience.

3. The principle pf multi-stability
The principle of multi-stability is one that is difficult to understand for designers too in a web designing course. Eventually, designers will understand why multi-stability displays a particular image in the famous optical illusion. It may be tough for designers to implement this principle because it creates more confusion than understanding, However, one can use multi-stability to make memorable and exciting surprising designs.

4. The principle of invariance
A web designing course would explain the principle of invariance as the art of the designer as well as the end-user to identify similarities as well as differences. In simple words, a designer can make a new object stand out amongst a group of similar objects. Furthermore, this area of design enables designers to create powerful results when one dissimilar element is introduced in an otherwise similar cluster of elements.

To summarize, these were just few of the visual design principles which need to be followed by a web designer . One could read as well as learn about them in a comprehensive web designing course. This would only lead to an exciting, engaging and insightful experience for the target audience . In this way, the particular target audience would be regular visitors to the website. That would lead to more conversions and leads for the organization