Having car insurance is a must in UAE and Awnic is one such place which not only gives car insurance but is also one of the cheapest car insurance companies in dubai. Check out the major reasons to buy a car insurance policy from awnic as mentioned below –

Offers Best Deal
In today’s environment, various auto insurance plans offering identical benefits and amenities are eligible with varying automobile insurance rates. When comparing online car insurance, people can compare the cost of each insurance policy and then decide which one they wish to purchase. The only thing to note here is that there should be conscious comparison of similar policy types.

Comparison of Multiple Policy is Easy
Purchasing car insurance manually required a great deal of effort for the potential policyholder. The first step is to contact the insurance company or an insurance agent via phone calls or personal visits. Next, one must purchase a policy on offer. Purchasing car insurance online eliminates manual calculations.

No Paperwork Required
When a person set out to purchase a car insurance policy online, basic questions are asked about him and his car. On the basis of these questions, he can choose the coverage that he wants to purchase for the car. If one has extended the policies in time or are planning to buy a new policy, he will receive the auto insurance without any paperwork.

Very Easy To Buy
One can purchase a car insurance policy from the comforts of their home and will still have a seamless experience. Awnic offers the ease of buying insurance online which one would not get doing the same when manually.

Genuine Policy
The policies available here are completely legal and approved by any authorized person. Insurers must have their policies licensed before they are marketed to prospective policyholders.

Contact Information

Al Wathba National Ins.Bldg, Najda St.
P.O Box: 45154, UAE
Email: customercare@awnic.com
Phone: 600 54 40 40