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We approached Venus Detective and found them very helpful regarding our cases. Here I am sharing the detail story from the time we approached them and what they found.
We live in a joint family. From childhood only we always saw each member of the family be contestant support from each other. As the generation changes, people started liking nuclear family and all started moving to different places to live. Many also moved because of their job. But when it comes to any big decision, the concern of everyone was still important. We were also looking for a boy for our daughter. She was independent and working but believed in an arranged marriage. As now it was on us to decide a boy for her. The decision was big so the concern of everyone was important for me.
In an online matrimonial site search, we found a boy who was working in MNC. From the profile, we found that the boy’s family and his income were good. We forwarded the photos to every member of our family. Most of them like the boy and his profile. My younger brother suggested going for a pre-matrimonial investigation to find out about the boy and his family through a background check. The suggestion was knowledgeable so we thought to go with it. We started searching for the best private investigation firm in our area for pre-matrimonial investigation.
In an online search, We got the contact number of Venus Detective Agency for investigation services. This female detective agency was doing the best in this field with many past successful attempts in the cases. We decided to contact them regarding the pre-matrimonial investigation service. Our brother calls them for the discussion of the cases. After 2 to 3 all and discussion, all things were finalized and then we hand over the case to them.
They asked for 10-12 days time period to submit the final report. We all were eagerly waiting for the report. After the completion of 10 days they called and asked for the remaining payment as the case was completed and they would submit the report to us. We made the payment and they mailed us the report along with facts and figures. We found a 100% accurate report from their side and a helpful one to make an important decision. I am thankful to Venus Detective team for their dedication, and hard work the service they provide and for helping us regarding our case. Thanks, Venus Detective team.