DD MM YY, Place:The investment in the silver bars at the wholesale rates helps you to bag more bars than ever. And for that, you must study the online exchanges or stores for their credibility. That is why we are in talks with the official members of the Bullion Store today.

“An online exchange like ours is that platform that steals the show. In other words, any investor who wants to buy silver Bullions will end up buying enough quantity at a targeted price,” said the Bullion Store relationship manager for Birmingham city.

The opening statement looks promising, coming from a senior official. So, he continued saying, “We have utterly competitive prices. That’s one of the perks that I was talking about. These prices are hardly found on any other exchange or online marketplaces for supreme quality silver bars. So, if at the desired price a buyer usually buys like 100 bars in the market, he would end up buying 1.5x or 2x silver bars within the same price at our platform.”

His last statement was quite promising. It intrigued us to know more perks related to these silver bars to be bought online. Thus, we roped in the Bullion Store’s marketing manager. She said, “We are not just done with the silver bars. We have other services that make every exchange safe and secure. This includes the safety lockers, safer gateway payments, as well as mail services.”

We also browsed the Bullion Store’s site. Some banners were promising special offers for the silver coins and bars. The catalogue manager said, “On our site, buyers can watch the live streaming of the prices. Then the buyers must decide at what point of time they want to buy those Silver Bullion Bars. Besides that, we also have the option of free insured delivery. Our buyers will get the silver bars at the wholesale prices and deliver it to them with the safest insurance policies attached to these bullions.”


We want you to know how you can double the count of the silver bars you want to buy through this press release. More than that, we want to highlight the perks of dealing in silver bars at the trusted channels, like, the Bullion Store.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.bullionstore.co.uk/

Phone: 0121 236 1111

Address:Bullion Store

43 Frederick Street

Birmingham B1 3HN


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm

Saturday – 10am to 4pm


Opening times on Bank Holidays and other National Holidays may vary.