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Earlier this week, announced that they are offering high-quality branded uniforms for restaurants and their waitstaff. The announcement came after a release in which they had set-up a workwear store for their customers. These restaurant and waitstaff uniforms are branded and can easily be customized with your business logo while keeping in mind your company’s branding needs.
The announcement was made through an official working at when a local journalist was covering their recent success over the years. The production manager at AnB spoke at lunch break during a busy Friday afternoon on the 10th of July, 2020stating that:
“This has all been possible due to our never back down attitude and shared vision for catering to the tremendous need for customized uniforms felt by local and international restaurant franchises. We want them to know that the struggles and hurdles they faced while requesting for personalized uniforms for their restaurant wait staff and chefs have finally been removed. They can rest easy now as we offer them an effective solution that delivers within budget upholds quality standards for products without any compromise”.
This is an excellent development indeed as many cafes and eateries previously found it challenging to procure customized uniforms for their wait staff. Now they will finally be able to book their orders in advance without stress and know their shipment will be delivered right on to their doorstep.
Established since 2011, has consistently sought to improve the scene for acquiring corporate uniforms throughout the nation. Ever since the beginning, the company has always aimed to become the go-to e-commerce retailer for Business Uniforms, Corporate Casuals, and everyday casual clothing. With over ten warehouses strategically positioned on the map of the US, offers local and international shipping for orders along with a fast turnaround period.