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If you are thinking that pandemic of Covid-19 will be contained with social distancing, staying at home, and practicing good hygiene, think again! The way things are playing out in response to the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases, face masks are important requirement to stay healthy. Organizations and governments all over the world are enacting new measures to ensure those who are sick do not infect others and those who are healthy stay that way. SpectraUSA has taken recommendations seriously as wearing surgical masks when sick or during flu season shows respect for one’s community and its members.

The only way to normalize face masks, which can help stop the spread of COVID-19, is to start wearing them. Now for top quality face masks you can trust SpectraUSA. Cotton pocket face mask MP102 with easy pocket access for additional filtration is available at SpectraUSA. The pocket face mask has 2 ply layered cotton and they are washable and reusable. With combed cotton premium ring spun cotton and silicone finish the masks are comfortable.

If you are still wondering if face masks are necessary, especially if people are practicing social distancing you must know that SpectraUSA offers CDC recommended face masks. According to the CDC, cloth coverings and masks are a vital tool to keep asymptomatic COVID-19 victims from unknowingly spreading the virus. Cloth masks contain particles released when the wearer coughs, sneezes, or breathes. This means they protect the people who are near or interacting with the individual wearing the mask.

One great feature of cloth face masks is they can easily be sterilized. Once washed and dried, the face mask can be worn again, making it a sustainable form of protection.

SpectraUSA also offers great junior crew neck tees. The crew neck tees can be great for summers as well can make a great casual layer when the colder weather comes around. You can experiment with the crew neck tees a lot. They go along with any other apparel and are wonderful to combine colours.

Crew neck Tees type suits every body type. It’s the most popular and safest choice in fashion. These are the most regular types. Tees for summers are available in distinct designs. You’ll find them in various patterns and these look nice over denims and knee-length shorts. Junior crew neck tees by Spectra’s distinctive tailoring to this closet classic gives it a closely fitted look with high-fashion sense.

About SpectraUSA:

SpectraUSA creates premium quality blank t-shirts and active wear in California, USA. They take pride in North American manufacturing base located in north America, where they conceptualize and design their garments as well as knit and dye all of their raw textiles.

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