The coronavirus pandemic has infected thousands of individuals across the globe. In these dark times, the demand for testing has increased and to reduce the turnaround time of the testing. To provide accurate testing results have become an important thing and increase the testing capacity has become an important thing today’s anti-pandemic period. The TCI Co. Ltd has established the TCI Gene, which is designed to develop and study simple and rapid process to perform the nucleic acid tests.

So, How Has TCI Managed “Accurate” Coronavirus Scanning? It is done through the TCI Gene that has provided evidence to respond well towards COVID-19 pandemic. The response will be provided in an efficient manner and, in return, will contribute well to society. TCI Co. Ltd has transformed its first-generation detection device into a complete automated 3.0 device for the extraction of nucleic acid, genetic testing, and micro-dispensing. The device carries expanded capacities and users and has the power to easily identify all types of epidemic viruses with the help of module conversion.

Apart from the automated 3.0 device, TCI Co. Ltd has also created the QVS-96, which is known as the world’s first virus scanner that is completely automated. The device is operated with the help of robotic arms to load all the corresponding codes of the specimen. The device also has the power to prevent mismatches between specimens and test results that are normally caused by human error. Once the specimen is properly handled, they are tested under zero-pollution, automatic, and unmanned environments. Along with that, the testing is done with the help of QCR technology that carries an accuracy of 99.99%.

One of the representatives of TCI Co. Ltd shared some of his thoughts as well. He said, “We as a company have joined forces with the disease control department across various nations so that we can accelerate the turnaround time of the coronavirus testing. With the help of rapid and accurate testing technology, we can stop the spread of this virus and help in making a good contribution across the world”.

TCI Co. Ltd is currently aiming to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and help all the people and nations that are infected by this virus, including its homeland, Taiwan.