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Membership sites are fantastic business models. You’re essentially able to scale your business by selling access to your expertise and knowledge.
For many businesses, the idea of a membership website is a smart one. They are a great way to build up a recurring revenue around your knowledge and expertise.

WordPress membership sites are more extendable

Think about the purpose of a membership website; it’s a place for your members/customers to access projected exclusive content. So, what happens when you grow your marketing starts working, and your member’s numbers grow?

All of a sudden, you need to ensure that your site can accommodate an influx of new people.

Not only that, but what if you have new ideas and want to implement new features based on member feedback?

In both scenarios, you need to be able to extend your website. With WordPress membership sites, they’re so much easier to add functionality new features.

With online platforms, you’re usually restricted to the features they have in there software. If you want to add a forum or members directory in 6 months and the software doesn’t support that, then you’re stuck and have two choices. Accept it, and dont add these features, move to a platform that supports these functionalities or move your site to a WordPress membership site.

Extremely cost-effective

WordPress membership websites are very cost-effective to set up.
All you need is a hosting account, you can download WordPress and set it up completely free.

The beauty of WordPress is that you only pay for what you need.
This happens a lot with other website building platforms; you pay for a membership site and end up with loads of features that you just never use. In essence, a lot of your money is just being thrown away, so you’re not making the most out of it.

With WordPress, you have different plugins that can be added to extend the functionality for your members. To launch a membership site, all you really need is a membership plugin to take payments and set restrictions on the content that only paying members can access.

Connects to more tools a more extensive set of business tools

There’s a reason so many companies turn to WordPress when weighing up the different membership site options. You simply can’t deny that it provides you with access to so many various tools.

There are loads of extensions and plugins you can use to really enhance the functionality of your WordPress membership website. These can increase usability but also the way you engage with new members and inform them of new and sell other courses or services.

Can fully customize the look and feel

Lastly, WordPress membership websites give you full customization of just about every tiny detail. We touched upon this earlier when talking about how you own the site, but it’s such an important point.

The customization is vital because you need this membership site to blend in well with your overall business brand while giving your members a unique experience.

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