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In their bid to assist senior school students to build their profile, ACadru, the leading online learning platform has updated its multi-disciplinary study modules. These modules have been designed to help students to create careers that align with their passion and future challenges.

Sharing more information about their modules, a spokesperson at ACadru stated, “We are an idea-discovery platform that provides access to an entire library of learning modules on varied topics to support students in their existing curriculum at colleges and schools. Our goals is to help them acquire online learning and education to enhance their skills with respect to critical thinking, creativity as well as problem solving. With each module, we make an effort to tell them stories that help students to generate ideas and fulfill their ambitions and interests.”

It must be noted that ACadru offers a comprehensive framework for senior school students that helps them to prepare themselves for future job opportunities and careers. The platform aids students in better preparing themselves for emerging job roles. ACadru’s learning modules comprise of videos, blogs as well as journals from reputed and credible sources including Wired, New Yorker, NASA, HBR, Fast Company among others.

The online learning center aims to provide in-depth knowledge to students on topics as well as subjects that they otherwise have limited access or exposure to through mainstream education. Apart from this, students also gain practical application about mainstream subjects.

ACadru’s CV/profile building activities are designed to help both professionals and senior school students to acquire job skills that are relevant today and in future. The profile building activities are a must for students aside to academics as they help them to better prepare for future job opportunities. ACadru’s motto behind providing study modules and profile building activities came as a result of 4th generation industry revolution. In view of limited awareness around changing nature as well as scope of jobs and opportunities, the founders of ACadru resolved to set up a platform where students and professionals could garner knowledge and information about varied topics such as humanities, science, business and more.

The spokesperson further reiterated,’ Students and professionals today tend to assume that jobs in the field of psychology are limited to areas like counselling, clinical psychology, teaching etc. But contrary to their belief there are many jobs opportunities in areas such as marketing, technology and even branding for a student who has graduated in psychology. It is this gap and lack of understanding of future job market that we are keen on addressing by helping students focus on profile building.”

It must be noted that many senior students find it difficult to access quality content through relevant and renowned sources. Often this happens as a result of information overload or simply because it is a highly time consuming and cumbersome process. As a results, students tend to overlook the importance of multi-disciplinary learning. ACadru addresses this issue by providing senior school students with ample information on subjects such as design/Art in engineering, machine psychology, food design and more, which further helps them to acquire skills for present and future jobs.

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