Several organizations have opted for moving their operational data on the digital workspaces for the last few years so that every employee of the organization can access the corresponding data and work accordingly from anywhere in the world. Millions of users from the world’s leading enterprises use cloud workspaces to work flexible working hours from anywhere. It will thus show significant growth of workspace delivery networks worldwide. Additionally, this network of workspace delivery allows for simplification of communication between available systems.

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Key companies along with their SWOT analysis: A10 Networks, Inc., Bigleaf Networks, Inc., Certeon Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Citrix Systems, Inc., CloudGenix, F5 Networks, Inc., Glue Networks Inc, Radware, Talari Networks & many More.

One of the key factors driving the growth of the market is the increasing virtualization in enterprises. Virtualization not only maximizes a PC or server’s capabilities but also dramatically reduces hardware and management costs for the IT infrastructure. Because of their ability to manage higher workloads, there is a need for an intermediate device to control the application allocation and execution between the end-user system and the computing device. The workspace delivery network replicates itself to handle the multiple workloads on the virtualized server. It facilitates the process of data access and storage from the desired locations and thus increases the efficiency of the entire network infrastructure. With accelerated and seamless access to enterprise content and applications, end-user satisfaction is higher, and server overheads are significantly reduced. The workspace delivery network addresses all requests and protocols, which executes each instruction with minimum execution time.