Christmas Markets are one of the most beautiful traditions in many countries. Little fairytale villages, traditional food, amazing Christmas decorations, merchandisers selling pieces of wonders in their stylish wood stalls –are all part of this amazing event. These magical fairs are taking place all over the country in the big cities and cozy towns and villages. Every Citizen is eagerly waiting for it to participate in events and have full enjoyment.

These Christmas Markets Events basically starts from the last week in November, and run until Christmas Eve. It’s hard to make a selection with the best, especially when each of them is unique and has its own charm, borrowing traditions of the place where it belongs. This will make you feel amazing and fill colors in your boring and dull life.

Springs Christian Academy is back with the most-awaited annual Christmas market going to be held on 5th December 2020 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This time we have some more interesting fun-filled activities for children. The Christmas market stalls twinkle with lights and color, especially when it gets dark: mid-afternoon this time of year. It will be held in our gymnasium at 595 Lagimodière Blvd. This exciting school fundraiser features over 100 Manitoban artists, artisans, and food vendors.

This time you will get a number of things that include –
1) Free Parking
2) Child care for ages 2-6 years old
3) Live Full Volume Music
4) Coast/Parcel Check
5) Starbucks Coffee Shop
6) Artisinal Style Coffee Shop
7) Sweet Food Items
8) Café Serving Savoury
9) No Charge for Children Under the Age of 12
10) Handicap Accessible

You will get almost every facility that makes you feel comfortable and enjoyable. SCA will make this event a family event where each member of the family finds something for his/her enjoyment. For each admission above the age of 12, we will charge $12.

Even the vendors can contact us for putting a stall into our Christmas market and make people aware of your talent and products. This is going to be the best and unforgettable event. For more information visit -