Equestrian sport has a thriving community of members worldwide who have developed a variety of businesses to support Equestrians and Equestrian Sport. Companies like Exclusive Equine and Boutique Pepin have been providing quality equipment to the sport for years. Other individuals have directed their talents to offer quality services for Equestrian athletes. The nature of Equestrian sport means that participants are often on the move, outdoors or in rural areas which makes trying to find some of the products and services difficult. There has been no viable digital service dedicated to supporting Equestrian needs. This is to say until today. The lack of a viable method for advertisement along with the lack of a central method of organizing, booking and paying for services has inspired an all-in-one digital solution.

2020 will see the introduction of the equation M-Commerce Platform – App. Beginning with equine service providers & Marketplace in North America, the app seeks to provide a large and comprehensive database of Equine Services providers and retailers. “As a horse owner, former professional barn manager and groom, I have always been frustrated that there is no app to help with day to day equine management. I’ve always wished for an app that would save me hours in searching through social media posts and endless Google searches to find the horse, product or service that I need to make sure my equine athletes and their human partner achieve their potential,” states Cody Sturgess Co. Founder of the equation. There are thousands of very talented men and women that can provide these services but there has never been an easy way to contact, communicate and connect with them. Nor has there been a way to help very busy horse people arrange and pay for services.” We are going to change that.

EQNation is partnering with BeMotion Inc., the Toronto based software firm best known for its Mobile Commerce Network platform solution {MCN} (www.bemotioninc.com) BeMotion allows us to enter the market almost immediately with a multi-million-dollar technology ecosystem and that has already been proven to support our business goals. Their partnership allows me to focus on growing the business instead of supporting the technology requirements”- Cody Sturgess

Cody Sturgess
BeMotion Inc
+1 905-924-3211

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