Have you suffered a car crash? If you have insurance then you will be able to get your accident benefits that are linked to your insurance company. But if you are not at fault, then you might even sue the third party for the tort benefits claim.

But for this, you will be needing a legal support for a lawyer. Finding such a lawyer might be difficult, but there is a legal firm where you will get some of the best lawyers to deal with who deal with car accident cases.

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When it comes to handling insurance benefits on car accidents there are two types of claim. One is the own insurance cover that you get from your insurance company. Such covers usually include income benefits, disability benefits, etc.

But people who were innocent in a car crash have a right to sue the person who is at the guilt of the crash. This is called a tort claim where you have to legally approach a court to get further compensation from the guilty party for providing benefits that include medical rehabilitation benefits, housekeeping benefits, attendant charges, etc.

For this, you will have to hire a lawyer. To hire a car accident lawyer you have to keep a few things in mind-


The first thing to hit your mind is the charges. It’s better to do a comparison of charges for car accidents. It is important to remember that you have probably hospitalized yourself and thus you will suffer from income loss already. So hire lawyers only after proper negotiation.

Check for certifications and years of experience

You need to find out whether the lawyer is certified to act as a car accident lawyer. Also, ask how many years has he been acting as a car accident lawyer.

Past cases handled

You need to judge the experience of a lawyer. For this you can ask the car accident lawyer to show the list of cases handled in the past and whether the party had got third party benefits in such cases.

Which the best car accident law firm in Canada?

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