Main challenges business face when it comes to mobile enterprise application platforms.

The Right Resources and Expertise

The first and foremost thing needed when it comes to enterprise mobile app development is the right kind of expertise and resources. As the industry of mobile enterprise application development is fairly new, businesses may find that sourcing the right resources and expertise is a difficult task.

Gartner has stated that because enterprise mobile app development has become a “business necessity”, businesses most often lack the basic application development lifecycle skills like quality assurance, UX design, security requirements, as well as back-end data integration. As businesses are unable to find such talent in-house, they need to spend money on sourcing talent that is able to do the needful from elsewhere.

Back-end Integration

As it isn’t exactly a walk in the park to integrate all back-end resources with public APIs, back-end integration is one of the biggest challenges businesses face in terms of mobile enterprise application development. Moreover, with technology advancing and expanding every single day, back-end integration becomes even more important, as well as more challenging to do.

User Authentication

With developing mobile enterprise application platforms, it is necessary to implement an extremely safe user authentication process. As user authentication is assailable, the thought of developing a whole new user authentication process that’s secure from scratch can be quite intimidating. Besides being daunting, this task is also a long, trying one.

API Strategy

During the process of developing mobile enterprise application platforms, it is important to develop a solid API strategy. This is because powering your mobile enterprise app requires certain APIs to enable certain functions on the app. This is turn requires companies to take a good look at their existing APIs and analyze whether they’re fit to fulfill every requirement of the enterprise mobile app. If the current APIs aren’t satisfactory, it’s then necessary to modify them, or even create new ones.

Data Encryption

Mobile enterprise application platforms require a strong data encryption system. This is because encrypting data is vital, as it keeps important information safe. Enterprise mobile apps, like any other application, can be accessed very easily, and data can be modified, as well as copied onto other devices. By having a strong, secure data encryption system in place, all confidential information can be secured and stopped from being stolen.

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