Many students need intensive driving crash courses in and around Manchester. But they are least aware of the tips and the ways to opt for the same. That is why we have interviewed the best trainers or drivers working for the Suja Driving School.


One of the drivers spoke to us. He has around 10+ years of experience on the road. He said, “At Suja Driving School, we give multiple packages to the students who want to learn driving. The intensive driving crash course is most beneficial for those who have less time in hand to learn.”

These certified drivers work according to the students’ schedule, they further affirmed.

Another driver at the Suja Driving School with more than 15 years of experience said, “The schedule for learning to drive is pretty flexible. We do not bind the students into any fixed hours. We know they have their personal and professional lives to run. So, we easily offer classes in the late evenings as well as on weekends. This way, learning to drive intensively becomes easier for those who have no time left for themselves through the entire week or during the day.”

In fact, Suja Driving School is the best driving test center Manchester is proud to have. Each year, thousands of students take intensive driving crash course classes that last up to 4-6 weeks here. 

One of the managers of this school spoke to us. She said, “The students can easily connect with our customer care executives online or through the email or phone number given on the website. We will get back with the preferred schedule within 24-72 hours. To get started, these students can also easily book the entire driving crash course online if they find the online given information suitable as per their schedule. The booking system takes only about 5-10 minutes. After that, the instructor calls at the registered number for further details.”

With such easy provisions given on its official website, it’s easily said that this school is the best driving test center Manchester has in comparison to others for the intensive driving crash courses.


With this press release, readers will know more about the ways and tips to get enrolled in the intensive driving crash course in Manchester. For better information, we had interviewed drivers and the managers working for the Suja Driving School.

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