Living with urological issues not only disrupts your normal life but prolongs your pain and suffering. However, looking for the right source of treatment is crucial to put an end to urological issues. Thanks to doctors who can treat the urological problems and get you back in track.
Urology Experts with its centers in Fort Myers, Cape Coral Florida, and Bonita Springs provide radiological intervention and imaging services to patients and allow them to resume normal life and work. Under the guidance of Dr. Alejandro Miranda Sousa and his excellent staff, patients suffering from urological problems can get the best treatment and care. The clinic aims at providing excellent treatment options and committed to providing the care they need based on individual health issues.
Vision of the clinic
The clinic believes that small issues can impact the quality of treatment that patients require when they suffer from pain due to urological issues. For diagnosis and treatment of urological issues, the intervention of Dr. Miranda Sousa looks for the best solutions that are customized for health issues whether they are big or small. Here, you can get unique family-oriented treatment from the team of experts. As one of the Specialists in Urology Fort Myers, our treatment options have benefited patients for several years.
Service to seek
Urology Experts is an Advanced Urology Associates of Florida and begins the treatment with proper diagnosis irrespective of the magnitude of the problem. Moreover, the ambiance of the clinic is another reason why patients flock here to get the best care from the physician and his team. Here are the urological problems for which you can get treatment here.
Urinary incontinence
Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine, which can disrupt your quality of life. The clinic offers effective treatment for this problem through medication, surgery and physical therapy.
Kidney stones
The clinic provides non-invasive shock wave therapy to break up the kidney stones or ureteroscopic surgery for the treatment.
Enlarged prostrate
When men get older, they have enlarged prostate, which results in a plethora of other symptoms, but you can get effective and accomplished treatment in this clinic.
Urinary cancer and pelvic floor therapy
The specialized clinical staff or Urology Experts can discuss various treatment options for urinary cancer before administering the right methods. Besides, we offer pelvic floor therapy for the treatment of various urological symptoms.
If you have any queries and concerns about the treatment for urological symptoms, check the website and discuss your problems with a Cape Coral Urologist.

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