Importance of data being presented in the right way
A web designing course would highlight the importance of designers presenting the stories which are hidden in the depths of the spreadsheet efficiently; After all, data visualization is a way of exploring different types of data. Furthermore, this method releases the data from the borders of a tabulated format,. Finally, it displays trends and tells a story to the audience without the inclusion of words. Thus, the aim of data visualization is to display data, insights and trends in a clear manner?

How is data presented in the current situation?
In the current scenario, most infographics present data against the principles explained in a web designing course. Future web designers would certainly notice that most infographics on websites focus focuses more on the overall aesthetic (the way the piece looks on the site). Contrastingly, the data is not given importance at all in the piece. These infographics have more illustrations than the data itself. Additionally, a low information-to-pixel density currently rules the infographic landscape. Finally, these infographics do not carry out the main function as the design distracts the viewer rather than giving them information. So, a web designing course would teach you the do’s and don’t’s to avoid such distractions.

How the target audience understands the data on the website?
Now, the best web designing course will give you an understanding of what goes in the audience’s mind while they read and interpret the data. The decisions which a web designer makes during the design process will either help or obstruct the viewer’s understanding of the subject matter. Thus , it is very important to make the right design choice with respect to color, shape, layout and typography. Otherwise, it may be difficult for the reader to take in new information . Finally, A common misconception is that the audience will be attentive in your data only if it looks exciting and is broken down into bite-sized chunks. In reality, you don’t need to design the data with illustations to make it more interesting.
To conclude , this was just a small article to alert future designers on how the audience actually interprets your designs , Thus, one must make sure that they learn to present the data in a simple way on websites . Suppose ,if you have doubts on how your web design looks, you can take the suggestions of your trainer in the web designing course.