Why do developers choose Angular ?
Angular certification training would tell you more about why Angular is a popular choice among developers. Still, we give two reasons here. Firstly, the framework develops single page applications at ease . Secondly ,it has easy code maintenance so, that’s why you should go for Angular certification Training.
There are certain guideline that should be followed by developers in an Angular project. You could get more information from industry experts in an angular certification training. The guidelines are:
1. Dont write code in Angular components
Angular certification training teaches developers should ensure that they do not write the code for (DOM) in angular components. For the reason that, Angular is designed such that it carries out the task automatically based on changes to application data.
To Exemplify, if one revises the value of the product price variable, the same thing will automatically update in the corresponding label on the page. SO, developers create application logic to manipulate data but not to manipulate DOM directly. And so, they can execute unit testing at any time.
2. JavaScript codes must not be written in Angular templates
Developers may also be told in Angular certification Training that they should not write Javascript code in Angular templates. If you do this, Angular templates that are HTML code will be altered into equal Javascript code which provides DOM at run time. As a result of writing JavaScript code in Angular templates, the code will not compile properly with the Angular compiler.
3. Never write business logic in components
Developers should never write business logic in components. The only reason for this is that components are created to store application data in the form of array or properties. They were never designed to store business logic. Alternatively, the business logic should be written in services and be quoted in the components. Besides that , Business logic contains services to become independent of user interface and can be reusable across the application. You will learn more on this from experts in an angular certification training
4. Don’t use jQuery to manipulate DOM elements
Developers should make a note that they must not use jQuery to manipulate DOM elements. Please remember that in Angular, you should not use jQuery to perform DOM manipulations such as setting textbox values. Nevertheless, you can make use of restrained jQuery code for some plugins like drag and drop.
To conclude, these are the guidelines you can learn more about in an Angular certification training.