Tax Lien Wealth Builders is a tax lien investment training company who trains investors like you and help them to successfully start their investment from first. From their day to day trainings, the professionals from the team came to know that the investors either budding or experienced always ask some questions related to tax lien investment. So, they collected the top 5 questions from the investors and answered it as follows.

Is it Possible to Buy Tax Liens without Going to Auction?
Yes, it is possible to buy tax lien without going to auction. The tax lien auction will be held in two ways either online or offline. Using the online method, one can buy the tax liens without going to the auction place. But, this method only runs in few major counties like Florida, Arizona, California, etc. You confirm the online auction with the respective county government.

I am Non-U.S Citizen. Can I Invest in Tax Liens?
Yes, anyone can invest in tax lien property. But, the options are limited that you are allowed only to join the online method auction. For that, you need individual tax identification number in case you are going to invest in your name. Otherwise, you need employee identification number for bidding using business name. After getting the number, fill the W-8BEN form to join the auction.

How much Money Needed for Investment?
Tax lien investment doesn’t need large amount of money. One with just a couple of hundred dollars is enough to make investment in a tax lien property.

Is There Any Risk in Tax Lien Investment?
Like other investments, this also had some risk in it. But, the risk can be minimized by doing due-diligence for your investment. It acts as a security for your investment.

Can I Use IRA Money for Investment?
Yes, you can use your IRA money in tax lien investment. But make sure you are using your Self-directed IRA instead of Roth IRA in investment. Then only, the profits grow tax-deferred.

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