Every business entity has a profit motivation and maximizing profits or increasing profits year on year is the prime goal. Of course, while making profits there might be a set of ethics that the business owners choose to follow. But that’s a different issue one that we will not be covering in this topic.

When running a business and trying to maximize profits, not everything can be viewed thru the prism of costs. There will be a majority of tasks that can easily be outsourced leading to a huge reduction in the operating costs of the business.

So, to outsource or insource?

There are certain types of jobs that are easily Outsourced Bookkeeping. For example, customer service, online support via chat, sorting emails, replying to emails, online restocking, transcriptions, scanning, photo-to-text, populating databases, data analysis, data mining, creating technical manuals, creating eBooks, audio books, circuit diagrams and so forth. These are typically administrative support roles.


There are some jobs that require local knowledge. Legal assistants, tax return filing staff, courier support staff, customs documentation, filing forms for local authorities, liaison staff who liaise with local authorities and so forth. These jobs are best handled insource by locally hired staff conversant with local rules and procedures.

Insource Vs outsource – the grey areas:

There are some “grey area” jobs. These are jobs that require a little bit of local knowledge and this can easily be imparted to Virtual Staff. For example, verifying that forms are filled as per rules. Certain public offices receive tens of thousands of forms. A large percentage of these forms will have all sorts of errors. In some instances, the wrong form might have been filled.

Tackling physical documents while outsourcing:

Ordinarily, dozens of staff would be required to verify forms. With a little bit of training, virtual assistants can easily handle this load. But wouldn’t the forms have to be physically sent all the way to the offices of the virtual assistance providers? Absolutely not. An automated document scanner can easily convert all physical forms into digital format that can be stored in the cloud and accessed remotely by the virtual staff.

As you might guess, insourcing means following local wage and staffing rules. You could also be affected by local incidents and pandemics. When you outsource, you are not only freed from local incidents (e.g. riots) having any effect on your business, you are also freed from having to follow local wage and hiring regulations. Most of the companies providing outsourcing staff are located in Asia where you can hire 4 grads for the price of one graduate hired locally.

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