Everyone is aware of the pain and suffering associated with sinus but only a few can get genuine relief from this chronic issue due to misguided treatments. If you want to obtain the latest and suitable treatment for sinusitis and related health issues, we are here to serve the patients.
The problems of nose, sinus, and allergies can keep you in trouble if you fail to get suitable treatment. Sinus Institute of South West Florida is the ear, nose, and throat specialists offering the updated and modern treatments to ease the trouble. From complicated interventions, including skull base surgery to common nasal and sinus surgeries, this Sinus Clinic offers the best treatment in Southwest Florida.
Why choose us
Our treatment approaches distinguish us from the rest and create the best opportunities. Here is what you need to know about us.
• We specialize in offering treatments, such as Balloon Sinuplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery, which is minimally invasive.
• We also conduct allergy testing, non-surgical treatments, immunotherapy, have low-radiation CT scanner for carrying out necessary tests before treatment.
• Our sinus nurses and on-call physicians have the expertise to treat patients and we provide alternative medicines to patients.
• With a comprehensive approach to patients that arrive here for treatments, we can accurately determine the exact nature of the sinus issues and do not prescribe unnecessary tests to patients.
• The application of advanced sinus techniques can help patients overcome chronic sinus issues.
• The physicians in Sinus Institute are board-certified and have huge industry experience.
Types of treatments
For ear, nose, and throat troubles, and sinus headache, we provide a wide range of latest treatments.
Balloon Sinuplasty: It is a thirty-minute office-based treatment for treating sinus issues that allows patients to join work the next day.
Sinus surgery: It is a minimally-invasive treatment technique for advanced sinus issues.
Septoplasty: This is a method for rectification of crooked septum
CT scan: The pre-treatment technique that allows physicians to conduct the best treatments.
Allergy Treatment: The treatments are necessary for treating sinus problems.
Turbinate reduction: Reducing the size of the turbinate to improve nasal breathing.
The primary goal of our clinic is following the exact roadmap for detecting health problems and alleviating the health issues with the intervention of qualified physicians. If you want to access out treatment, you can make an appointment today through our website.

Contact Details
Company Name: Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida
Address: 7531, 39 Barkley Cir, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States
Phone: +1 239-936-1616
Website: https://swflsinus.com/