For most brides, choosing their wedding dress is one of the most important decisions when planning their wedding. Brides want to wear something timeless and classic, while also incorporating their own unique style. But how does a bride even begin to look for her perfect gown while at home and equally that doesn’t change her own persona on the wedding day? It all starts with the right bridal gown designer.
Though there are plenty of bridal studios out there, you need to narrow down the list to find one that suits your own style and personality. First, figure out what kind of shopping experience you’re after. For example, do you want to try on gowns in an intimate Interaction with a designer at your own place or at the studio. Once you know your personal style and knowing which silhouettes and styles you’d prefer for your wedding day will help the designer to design according to your taste and style. Says
Rachel.J. Amirtharaj of La-Fantaisie, “We have been doing similar things for quite a while when the brides are abroad or they aren’t in Delhi still they want to shop from us for the perfect gown. We make it possible for the bride to have a look at all our collections, in whichever way they want to look at. And these days brides don’t want to visit studios. They want all their wedding trousseau, gowns and accessories to be discussed at their home in the intimate environment along with a couple of family members.”
As she added further, “There are always brides who want to have a simple and sober wedding. I always tell brides and on your wedding day people shouldn’t feel that they are looking for an entirely different person. So your wedding outfit has to reflect your personality. That’s when you’ll be comfortable and enjoy your big day. Rather than making it too extraordinary and uncomfortable for both the bride and people around. So, that is why we have kept all kinds of collections ranging from a simple barbie to a fairy tale gown.”

Further talking about the effect on sales during this covid time Rachel.J.Amirtharaj adds, “Of course our sales have come down but our old customers come back to only us as they know we are reliable and trustworthy. All I can say is that I am thanking God for allowing me to experience this. This year has been an year of introspection. Time to peep into ourselves and organise scattered ideas. Realising the most important three things in life to be God, health and family. Professional life can wait till the arrival of vaccines. It would bloom in it’s time. As this isn’t just for me but for the whole world. Till then let’s be grateful to God and live this moment thankfully.”
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