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Afrikagora is especially for people who are African living or traveling overseas or people simply interested in the African culture. If you are looking for any services such as an immigration lawyer, a roommate, a nanny, a job, an education or career orientation service, an African dance studio, African Art museums, an Afro-inclusive event, a place to eat African food, to buy African products, or to meet fellow Africans, Afrikagora is for you. Simply experience home away from home at Afrikagora.

Founded by the talented team led by CEO and co-founder, Joseph Kuate living in the United States for almost two decades now, Afrikagora is the comprehensive expat guide for the African diaspora. At Afrikagora, the team connects people, empower communities, create experiences, and help businesses grow.

About Afrikagora:

Afrikagora is a brand of Bangwa Seeds, LLC, a Digital Media agency founded by young Africans working in the IT and Marketing fields in the United States. They have the vision to empower their community by providing actionable information in a one-stop shop. After experiencing themselves a lack of better opportunities when they first moved to the United States they decided to launch a platform to share their experiences and support their community, equipping people to make informed and life-changing decisions. Knowledge is power indeed.

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