The Hopi Kachina Dolls have always exhibited the essence of Native American Culture across the state of Arizona & other regions of western America. Available in different designs, sizes, shapes & colors they have got ample ways to decorate your home & living room décor.

The following varieties of Hopi Kachina Dolls are lovely to choose from. Take a look as per your likes & convenience & gratify your living space right away.

Kokopelli Fertility Doll

This traditionally carved Kokopelli Fertility Kachina Doll comes with the ancient cottonwood root composition that gives it a light-weight structure & better grip for handling. As such, the doll has been awarded the 2019 Indian Market Best of Traditional Carving title. The doll is 11’’ tall & has numerous Native American designs on it.

Hilili Doll

Moving ahead to even more tribal essence are the Hilili Hopi Kachina Dolls that reminds you of the good old days right away. Being five times winner of the Best of Traditional Carving Santa Fe Indian Market, it has got some purely medieval touch of Yucca, String, Feathers & Yarn along with cottonwood root foundation.

Hopi Large Badger

Hopi Large Badger is a perfect example of a tribal leader figure who watches for the whole tribe issues & decision making concerns. Feel like a leader bringing such amazing showpieces to your living space.
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