Of all the top marques, none perform as well as Rolex on the preowned market. They are by far the most well-known manufacturer of all time and a byword for achievement and success. But more than that, in order to maintain their reputation of exclusivity, the brand has severely limited the production of some of their most desirable creations. We are now in a position where it is next to impossible to walk into an Authorized Réplica de Réplica de relojes Rolex Dealer and come out with a steel sports watch of any description. That has led to prices of sometimes double the retail, or even more, being levied on so-called preowned models through independent vendors.

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As for the real vintage pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s, their star continues to rise.

What were once seen as robust and reliable watches meant for professionals doing a job are now looked at more as works of art. The rarest examples change hands for staggering amounts, perhaps none more so than the Paul Newman Daytonas we looked at earlier.

But each new year seems to bring up a new favorite. More recently, the humble Explorer has enjoyed a resurgence, with fans drawn to its essential toolishness, the original spirit of Rolex from the old days.

One thing is certain; the brand dominates the preowned luxury watch market and will more than likely continue to do so. Whether in terms of pure aesthetics, historic importance or merely investment potential, nothing compares to Rolex.