A landlord/tenant relationship is, in its basic sense is a part of a business deal. And, like most business deals, better the relations between both sides, the smoother the process of renting or leasing.

Getting on with one another makes more sense- as a landlord, why you went into a property in the first place.

So, what can you do to facilitate a happy tenant/ landlord relationship? Here are few suggestions from lettings agents Edinburgh.

Attend to maintenance issues quickly

If you’re tenants heating stops working or a leaky tap then makes sure you attend to all these matters timely if it was your own home. They’ll be happy with promptness. The fact you took their issue seriously shows how much you care about your tenants. And if you don’t have the time to handle it then you can hire lettings agents Edinburgh who can work on your behalf.

Help new tenants

Put yourself in the shoes of your tenants and think about what they might require. For example, offer them a reliable internet provider in the area, or the list of the inexpensive utility companies. As they have recently shifted to the location so won’t have the time to do these things themselves as they are already been busy packing up at their old place.

Communicate well with tenants

Don’t ignore a call from your renters because you think it’s going to be a nightmare repair and you can’t handle the hassle at that point in time.
Remember it’s a business transaction and they are paying for it so if you don’t have the time to hire lettings agents Edinburgh.

Be approachable

Let tenants know that you’re keen to know about any repair & maintenance issues as soon as they arrive. Doing so will not only make feel valued but mean there’s less likelihood of further damage- for example, with a leaking shower eventually leading the dampness on the wall.

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