With so many hoax, adulterated and nationwide shortage of authentic facemasks, Made-in-Canada masks have started making 100% Canadian, comfort upgrade masks with state of the art mask making machines, which has already started production. This is your chance to get a comfort upgrade mask.

Made-in-Canada mask has begun production of genuine face masks using state of the art mask making machines and modified upcycled linen which fits comfortably, with mask size of 17.5 x 9.5 cm, 3 layers and it covers your mouth and nose perfectly, firmly, safely and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. About 1000 boxes of 50 Canadian made face masks are produced daily.

Made-in-Canada mask is more than 100% Canadian self-reliant, because they believe the world needs more masks. The best part about their masks is that when you buy one, you donate one. You keep not only yourself safe by buying their comfort upgrade masks but you also keep those around you who receive the donated masks safe, which is the brand’s priority: Preventing and Kicking out the Corona Virus.


For every box of masks you buy they donate a box of mask to a homeless shelter where the risk of COVID-19 is high and the luxury of masks is unaffordable. They have a network of 200 homeless shelters they donate to. Their face masks are cheap, affordable, comfortable, fits appropriately and most importantly upgraded to keep you and your neighbor safe.

Their mask making machine has started and when you buy, you donate. Pledge 1, 2, 10, 50 and 250 boxes of 50 masks; pledge now and never again be without masks for yourself, for your entire family, for your frontline personnel, for the homeless and for your friends and your contacts. Shipping starts in August 1. This will ensure you get your masks immediately.

About Made-in-Canada Masks

Made-in-Canada Masks was created by William Curry, an Online and E-Commerce Director initiating and growing e-commerce businesses to sales in the multi-millions, specializing in B2B and B2C online sales and marketing strategy, directing online branding, pricing, logistics and inventory planning.

William who has a high risk for severe illness from COVID-19 has dedicated an ample amount of his time in creating Made-in-Canada comfort upgrade masks to protect and keep his community, nation and the world at large safe from the deadly Corona Virus. As he would always say “My masks protect you, your mask protects me”.

He also makes sure that his facility is highly and efficiently protected as the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak at the facility is a very dangerous risk. He has instituted a robust internal COVID-19 health and safety policy that includes; requiring employees to notify management should they fall ill; taking employees’ temperature before they enter the building; providing every employee with a mask, face shield, and gloves; maintaining a minimum of 6’ distance in all areas of the facility; and providing hand-washing stations and/or access to proper sanitization.

To deliver 100% Made in Canada masks a fully automatic mask making machine has been installed at the Toronto facility. Made in Canada supply is critical to ensuring Canadians have consistent and reliable access to high quality face masks in order to protect from viruses and bacteria. They’ve stockpiled all raw materials from suppliers in Canada to develop an uninterrupted supply chain of raw materials.

For more Information, please visit: http://kck.st/2D1p5Yv