Magnesium hydroxide refers to an inorganic compound that is obtained by the process of precipitation occurring between magnesium salts and sodium or between ammonium hydroxide and potassium. Magnesium hydroxide has a chemical formula Mg (OH)2. Industrial or commercial magnesium hydroxide is manufactured chemically from brine or seawater. As it has a milk-like appearance, magnesium hydroxide is also called milk of magnesia. It is less soluble in water and has low corrosiveness and low toxicity.

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An increase in industrial application and rising demand from the water industry is driving the growth of the magnesium hydroxide market. Besides this, the use of magnesium hydroxide in construction and building material also drives the market growth. However, strict government regulations pertaining to the use of magnesium hydroxide in the food industry restricts market growth. The preference given to magnesium hydroxide as an alternative in bleaching application is expected to boost the demand for magnesium hydroxide in the years to come.

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