Paragon Footwear launches #SafeToTouch Initiative

Paragon Footwear announced a safety initiative owing to the growing concerns over safety measures in wake of COVID-19. The company holds a reputation for being one of the oldest and most trusted footwear brands in India and with the #SafeToTouch initiative, Paragon aims to retain the trust of its consumers.

The Safe To Touch initiative encompasses a 360° sanitization protocol and stringent safety measures to ensure safety from manufacturing to delivery, leaving no room for infections & transmission.

The brand recently launched a video on it’s YouTube channel showcasing the strict safety norms put in place when operations resumed at their manufacturing facilities across the country. A streamlined safety protocol both inside and outside the manufacturing units has thus far ensured safety and smooth operations.

The 360° warehouse safety initiative was put in place prior to the current initiative to enable safety at the warehouses when advancing shipments.

Paragon has always stood for quality and aims to continue doing so in these difficult times. With the implementation of the #SafeToTouch initiative, the footwear manufacturer aims to help consumers adapt to the new normal by continuing to offer quality products with the added promise of safety.