July 2020, UK: NFC Tagify, a UK based company, provides the best NFC technology-based customised products and services like encoding and programming. One of their most availed products is their revolutionary NFC business cards.

NFC Tagify is the premier provider of NFC based services and products in the UK. The company makes smart and recognisable items that can change the way you pass around necessary information. These products range from tags, stickers, key fobs, chips and also Near Field Communication (NFC) business cards. The business cards give you a refreshing alternative to exchange contact details with the people you do business. NFC Chips allow mobile phones to communicate with another NFC compatible device within a small radius of around 3-4 centimetres, providing a wireless connection. The customer can choose between customised NFC chips like NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216.

NFC is a groundbreaking contactless technology that has been modernising the way of exchanging the information. Almost every smart device made in recent times is NFC enabled. This allows for many innovative methods for NFC to be implemented in everyday uses. The custom printed double-sided cards offered by the company will allow you to design your card online using their interactive designer tool. If not, you can upload your artwork if you already have one, you can also ask them to encode your card beforehand. Apart from double-sided cards, the customer can also choose the self-adhesive sticker card.

Business cards have always been an essential means for professionals to share valuable information. With NFC tagged business cards, however, people can provide more than just mere contact details. Options for exchanging even more marketing content, like the URL of the website, can also be made possible by NFC business tags.

NFC Tagify is one of the most reputed and well-known online suppliers for NFC products and expertise. Their NFC business cards have given many businesses a new life with small changes like project modernisation to impress their clients.

For orders or information about programming/encoding NFC business cards, visit https://nfctagify.com or call them at +44 1600 800 080. Their customer support team is always happy to help their clients with any queries.

About The Company:

NFC Tagify is one of the leading NFC Products and services providers in the UK. NFC Tagify offers contactless NFC tags, PVC business cards, Ntag stickers, chips, anti-metal/on metal, and several customized NFC products. NFC Tagify manufactures products to comply with NFC Forum specifications. NFC Tagify also offers NFC tag encoding in bulk.

Contact Details:
Address: 11 Walton Way, London, United Kingdom
Phone Number: +44 1600 800 080
Email: info@nfctagify.com
Website: https://nfctagify.com/