Why choose Angular?
An angular certification course is chosen by those developers who want to create responsive applications. Angular is a platform which simplifies the process of developing applications with the web. It merges declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and cohesive best practices to resolve development challenges. Finally, Angular enables developers to build applications that live on the web, mobile, or the desktop. An angular certification course would help to create diverse applications.

Angular covered exhaustively in an Angular certification course
The angular certification course gives a clear understanding about an open source front-end web application. It is found by the Angular Team at Google as well as a community of individuals and corporation. Angular is a whole redraft from the same team that developed Angular JS. Students can get a whole understanding in an Angular certification course.
Angular JS explained in an Angular certification Course
AngularJS is Google’s JavaScript-based open source front-end framework. It is mostly sustained by a community of individuals and corporations as well as Google . They mostly deal withseveral challenges facedin developing single-page applications. Students get to learn about it in an Angular certification Course.
Difference between Angular JS and Angular explained in an Angular certification courses
There are few differences between Angular and Angular JS. They are completely covered in an Angular certification course. Also, we give a brief outline here :
AngularJS Angular
It is a JavaScript Library It is a framework
It does not use TypeScript It does use TypeScript
The set-up is not tough.
One just needs to add reference of the library The set-up is completely tough and needs some dependencies

You can explore more differences in an Angular certification course.
What are the Advantages of Angular?
Developers prefer Angular over others due to its advantages. They are taught about these in an Angular certification Course. Here is a brief outline of the benefits:
– Angular Code can be optimized with OOPs concept.
– It is a Google product hence one gets the support of an active community as well as loads of advantages offered by Google.
– Developers can use Angular CLI to set-up Angular environment with ease.
– Presence of active forums where you can get immediate and reliable assistance.

 The web developer has to be familiar with TypeScript before starting development on Angular.