Andrew Jordan, founder of CMI Pack, accepted Foodservice Packaging Institute’s Foodservice Package of the Year Award for excellence in brand delivery.

CMI Pack worked with client PDQ to develop QSR packaging that maximized functionality for the constantly evolving on-the-go dining landscape. Andrew Jordan collaborate with Creative Director of PDQ Emily Traviesa to design a packaging product mix that both controlled food waste costs and allowed for entertaining storytelling branding.

Andrew Jordan of CMI Pack received two major honors which included 1st Place for Excellence in Brand Delivery and overall winner of 2017 Food Service Package of the Year Award in Excellence.

For over 15 years, QRS Magazine and its website have held foodservice standard packaging awards in ranking entries in the following categories: Innovation in Brand Delivery, Innovation in Convenience, Innovation in Sustainability, Performance Innovation, and the “Wow” Factor. “Our goal is to innovate and deliver the highest quality packaging in our industry says Andrew Jordan of CMI Pack”

Judges were captivated by Andrew Jordan and CMI PACK’s collaborative efforts with client PDQ having made these remarks: “PDQ has a comprehensive suite of packaging materials, including a bag, wrap, sandwich bag, chicken tender box, chicken nugget box, and more. The brand resisted the ‘logo slap’ mentality, and instead, each piece of the packaging uses a different configuration of PDQ’s color palette, messaging, and graphics. Even though each piece is different, each plays within the brand guidelines to create a cohesive packaging message.

The packaging also uses every available print surface, including inside flaps, to convey the brand message. The witty messaging used on the packaging also promotes engagement on social media.”

About the winner:
CMI Pack was founded 2014 by paper and print entrepreneur Gene Andrew Jordan. Andrew, having owned and operated Connect Media International for 20 years, repurposed his print and paper insight into building a successful sustainable packing company offering a wide variety of product mix.