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90Days IT Development
What is Software Testing?
A software testing course exists mostly due to the massive requirements in the industry. Testing is a process where the professional verifies if a software is accurate, complete and of great quality. It simply means checking if a software meets specifications and meets its intended purposes. Thus, Software testing is an art to ensure the quality is in accordance with the requirements of the end- user. It is a systematic process to find the defects of a system. In addition to that, software testing finds out whether the current software is a match with the clients requirements. Finally, it finds errors and requirements that are missing from the actual requirements.
Testing professionals cannot create quality software systems without software testing. Hence it is essential to enroll to software testing course to be quality testing professional.

Software Testing Opportunities in Pune
After a software testing course, a professional would get plenty of opportunities in their field. The software development industry has huge potential to grow in the forthcoming years. Hence, Several Industries are using IT to enhance business processes in their fields. They include Oil, Telecom, Exploration, Health & Care, and Air Travel business. Each process would include a separate team of software testing professionals. Therefore, students would get exciting Job opportunities in Pune after their software testing course.

Job Opportunities After Software Testing Course in Pune
Students would get several job opportunities after their Software Testing Training in Pune. Here are some of the job profiles in the software testing industry:

1. – Software Tester
2. – Software Test Lead
3. – Test Analyst
4. – Senior Test Analyst ( Computer Software)
5. – Senior Test Engineer
6. – Quality Assurance Engineer
7. – Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Manager
8. – Code Tester