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The challenges we all face in mid-2020 are formidable; from restructure, to remodelling of our business, to engaging with our markets and customers through new channels and new service delivery processes.

To help senior managers cope with these challenges, Global Management Academy have developed a new format of the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership, the ILM’ s flagship program for senior executives. The Level 7 Program is a 60 credit Postgraduate Diploma, through which we focus on 3 main themes:

Theme 1: Developing Leadership and Management Capability through Enquiry

In this theme, we engage managers in a process of self-analysis and organizational assessment to explore the implications of the changing business context, nationally and globally, and the need for inspired and credible leadership in this time of crisis. This component of the program will provide you with the leadership knowledge and the road map to enable continuing adaptation, effectively manage change, and to ensure sustainable value creation for your organization.

Theme 2: Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimizing resources

In this second theme, we focus learning and enquiry on the alignment (or mis-alignment) of the organizational culture, structures and resources with corporate strategy, and the prevailing (aberrant) market conditions we face now, and in the coming years. The knowledge acquired in this theme will provide you with the planning architecture with which to optimize your organization’s human and physical resources, to thrive in the new business world we are working in.

Theme 3: Developing a High-Level Business Case and Program for Transformation

In this final theme, we focus on transformation. The worldwide response to our current economic situation has seen both inspired and chaotic approaches to the prevailing market conditions. In this theme, you will work with your consultant to develop a business transformation program for your organization, which will be fully costed in a strategic business case, and fully resourced and planned, to ensure delivery of the forecast ROI. This final component brings together the strategic and leadership enquiry and knowledge to truly make a difference as an executive leader.

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