Have you ever wondered about giving a present for someone special in the form of a miniature? With Crebobble, you can now create a mini figure for someone you love.

Extraordinary gifts for someone special will leave a memorable impression. Crebobble, with its unique https://www.crebobble.com/ creations, will make special occasions such as weddings, engagements, anniversary parties, graduations, and birthdays more impressive. Crebobble has more than 3000 styles to choose from, and they have delivered more than 100,000 custom bobbleheads worldwide. Crebobble’s bobbleheads are made with high-quality material and exquisite artistry.

Custom bobblehead is a personalized gift in which the miniature represents the actual person with a humorous style. Custom bobbleheads are suitable for someone you love at their special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. With Crebobble, people can choose over 3000 styles that match their personality or profession. For example, people can choose a doctor’s body or pilot body for their friends and families. People can choose styles based on gender, occasion, groups, and favorite movie characters.

Crebobble is a leading company in the field of custom bobblehead creation. They offer their products at an affordable price. It starts from $68 plus shipping. Free shipping is also available for order more than $249. For ordering this miniature doll, people need to upload or email their pictures, choose the styles, and confirm the order/make payments. The final sizes of the bobblehead would be around 6.5 inches to 7.7 inches. The kid-size would be smaller. Crebobble is also available to create personalized pet figures, and if there are more additional objects such as a bicycle, piano, or other objects that represent the person’s personalities, it would be an additional cost.

“What a special gift this is! So well made and the artist is very talented! I got this as a Father’s Day gift for my husband who is a fireman.”

“It was an amazing gift. My boyfriend was speechless. He did not expect this at all.”

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As a part of the excellent customer service, Crebobble will send its client the first proof through email approximately one week from the date they placed the order, and they will work to finish the sculpture for three days. Once approved the proof, Crebobble’s artisans will give the final touches per client’s requirements. As simple as that!

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Crebobble is a https://www.crebobble.com/ or figures hand-sculpting company based in Dallas, TX. The company has more than ten years of experience in this field and delivers more than 100,000 custom bobbleheads all over the world. The company is committed to present the best services by providing a satisfaction guarantee to its clients. If their client is not satisfied with the result, they can ask for replacements to make the new one. For more information, and question about the custom bobbleheads products, please kindly visit its official website at https://www.crebobble.com/

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