Carpets need to be cleaned once in a while. That’s a fact. Sure, a little vacuuming here or there goes a long way, but it is far from enough to ensure your carpet lasts for years to come. Here’s what we mean: only a carpet cleaner has the latest twenty-first century technology on hand and knows how to use it the way it is designed. You can rent a machine, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re likely to do it wrong, waste time, or hurt yourself in the process. That’s why smart people pay for carpet cleaning. That’s why smart people in Colorado go with Mr. Vac.

An A-rated company at your service:We are a proud A-rated company (BBB). We also pride ourselves in offering the most professional and prompt service in town. We might use a steam cleaner or even the hot water extraction technique… our methods are traditional; our results are paramount.

Even beyond that, we use eco-friendly techniques because we care about the impact of carpetcleaning in Grand Junction. We avoid wasting water and electricity. We especially avoid chemicals that harsh on the environment. Like we said, we care.

Trained technicians by your side:We only hire well-trained technicians. Rigorous standards are the most important part of carpet cleaning, so that’s what we uphold at all times. You are cordially invited to arrange for a quotation from our company.

Another service for you:Save time and energy by pairing services from one provider. If you are on the hunt for airduct cleaning in Eagle, and you don’t know where to start, you can actually start with Mr. Vac, too. We do more than carpet cleaning! We restore homes. We can help with flood damage, fire damage, mold removal, you name it.

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