(July 05, 2020): Chef Armando Prats endeavours on Team Prats along with his daughter Amelia Prats joining him in his venture. The team formed aims to offer expertise culinary experiences to individuals worldwide. With the Master Chef leading the team, team Prats is here to provide the best expert knowledge and skills to one and all. Team Prats aims to offer the best kind of cooking products that are blended with perfection to produce the most excellent courses in place.

With substantial experience of international cooking for the stalwarts of the country including celebrities, and politicians, and other similar individuals, Chef Armando Prats intends to lead the team and nurture them further. The substantial background experience has enabled him to perform a multitude of jobs, with working across cities and countries around the world. With being named Star Chef in the United States, he received an invitation to perform television shows focusing on multiple Mexican cuisines.

Representing the Mexican cuisine, in particular, Chef has unfolded a world of experiences through his valuable professional journey. With this new venture, he dedicates, rendering the most exceptional teachings and leadership while presenting a precise team. ‘I have selected my team with close dedication, and I have my daughter in the forefront who is an exceptional culinary artist as well.’ as said by Chef Armando Prats on his new endeavour.

About Team Prats:

Team Prats is a group of culinary experts with Chef Armando Prats as the leader in addition to his daughter. It comprises of a team of skilled chefs with a vast knowledge of distinct multinational cuisines.

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