Sep 2019, Auckland, New Zealand: Now, maintain, preserve and restore Cedar and timber with Cedar wood treatment in Auckland. Cedar Doctor, a specialist in Cedar and timber treatment, offers staining and oiling of Cedar and timber on commercial and residential properties throughout the upper North Island.
Cedar wood treatment provided by Cedar Doctor preserves cedar quality and prolong its lifespan. Cedar Doctor’s timber stain or wood oil treatment will add value to one’s property. Their Cedar wood treatment like oiling and staining the weatherboards, shingles, cladding, entrance and garage doors, or other timber will protect the timber from the elements. It will enhance the natural look and beauty of the Cedar, too.
Cedar Doctor offers a choice of treating the Cedar either by staining it with a timber stain or applying a wood oil.
Staining: Staining is done in two coats. It will provide a semi-transparent protective layer of coating that will enable the wood’s natural grain to show.
Oiling: In this process, Cedar will be treated with a coat of wood oil, which will be absorbed into the wood to replenish its natural oils.
Cedar Doctor has been a specialist in the maintenance and restoration of Cedar timbers and weatherboards in the Auckland region since 2005. Their experience in Cedar maintenance and restoration, their attention to detail, professional but friendly approach, and their personal commitment to their customers are the keys to their being the leading Cedar maintenance company in upper North Island.
To maintain the appearance and integrity of the Cedar, consider leaving cedar wood treatment to Cedar Doctor. Visit their website for more details. Contact them today at 0800 888 091 or send them an email to