To boost your business, patio umbrellas are one of the classic marketing strategies to follow. Knowing more about these umbrellas and their types, we interviewed the very humble and experienced Cheeky Umbrella team.

One of the area managers spoke to us cheerily, and said, “We got a large collection for the commercial patio umbrellas. People order it from our website because they want their brand to be recognized as continuously as possible.”

We saw the catalogue of the commercial patio umbrellas on their website. So, one of the catalog designers and managers explained these umbrellas. “We have the popular 6-foot round aluminium umbrella. These are best for the beer and pub parties. Other than that, they are ordered in large numbers when the hosts are hosting public events for friends, colleagues, or business partners.”

We asked them about the umbrellas perfect for the pubs. The marketing lead said, “The fiberglass patio umbrellas are the best when you own a pub, restaurant, or a bar with some sort of open-air seating. We take orders for different shapes and sizes for the umbrella to be presented there. So, the fiberglass umbrellas help in keeping up the image of the brand printed over it. Such umbrellas last for about 1-2 years easily.”

Another marketing team member said, “Then, there are restaurant fiberglass square patio umbrellas. They are best for the sitting of the even number of members under the umbrella in the direct sunlight. These umbrellas protect the patrons from skin burns, do not fade in color, and are easy for the businesses’ promotional strategies. To do that, there are massive or quirky ranges of designs, texts, or other sketches to be printed over the shade of the umbrella.”

There are different shapes, sizes, and colors available for the Oceanside patio umbrellas, restaurant patio umbrellas, and other kinds of patio umbrellas. For that, the interested parties can simply browse the website.


Through this press release, we will be informing the readers about the best commercial patio umbrellas to buy for boosting the presence of their business. One such store selling the best commercial patio umbrella, Cheeky Umbrella, had a conversation with us to give more information.

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