In addition to construction equipment, RAPIDTOOLoffers reliable and high-quality rebar cutters, which enhances your security and productivity. RAPIDTOOL is Australia’s leading supplier of portable construction equipment including Rebar Cutters, Tying Machines and Benders.

RAPIDTOOLprovides the best quality of rebar cuttersthat ensure years of excellent performance in rebar handling operations. Its range includes hydraulic rebar cutters and electric rebar cutting machines. When protection and time matter, the appropriate tool makes all the difference. Therefore RAPIDTOOL offers a quick, safer cutting solution with no risk of manual rebar cutting.

Rebar cutters are handled to cut through reinforcing steel bars. Rebar cutters maintain the powerful structure of steel components, and when handled with concrete, add structural integrity to buildings and allow builders to design difficult builds.RAPIDTOOLhas the best rebar cutter toolsthat help make your on-site construction tasks easier, faster and more accurate.

RAPIDTOOL provides different types of rebar cutters includingERC-16 PORTABLE ELECTRIC 4-16MM REBAR CUTTER, ERCP-20 PORTABLE ELECTRIC 4 20MM REBAR CUTTER, and many more electric rebar cutters.Whether you are using an electrical rebar cutter or a handheld one, rebar cutters can be harmful instruments, therefore, it is imperative to ensure utmost precautions. RAPIDTOOL’s rebar cutting machines deliver the best performance as they are superior qualityand tested to make your work quicker, secure and more comfortable without compromising onquality.

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