London, United Kingdom: TEBillion’s cutting edge business automation solutions now can help manufacturers drive growth by developing strong customer relationships.

As it is important for manufacturers to develop and maintain relationships with customers, TEBillion makes it even easier as its business automation solutions are tailored to ensure that relationships with customers always start on the right footing.

Processing, tracking and monitoring orders will be equally simple as these processes are part of the many features the solutions will provide. Invoices will be generated automatically from placed orders. Project budgeting will be as efficient as ever allowing manufacturers monitor costs and resources, ensuring that they stay ahead.

For international businesses, localised documentation such as quotes is designed in one simple and quick automation process. While providing estimations, TEB will automatically apply the local currency, gets the quotes processed and issued to customers for instant approval thus meaning projects can start within minutes of the outline being issued, delivering ease and convenience to both businesses and customers.

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About TEBillion: TEBillion is a business automation software solutions company headquartered in the UK. Born in 2018, TEBillion aims to make high growth businesses successful with over a hundred handpicked partners serving customers, worldwide.