Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Vietnam-based public relations and marketing agency EloQ Communications has recently signed the Tenets of Ethical & Responsible Communications, initiated by World Communications Forum Association (WCFA), to promote ethical and sustainable communications practices during the time of COVID-19, as well as to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the communications industry.

This initiative took place in the virtually-held First Davos Online Communications Forum via Zoom on April 10 with 145 participants across the globe. The main points of the tenets were developed and consolidated from the speeches given by communications experts who attend as key speakers at the event. Up to date, 61 communications professionals from 36 countries have signed the tenets, with EloQ Communications being the only representative from Vietnam.

“In the world where the public is getting more conscious on the ethics and sustainability, just doing the job won’t be enough, public relations companies and practitioners have to do it right. It’s our joy and pleasure to join hands with global PR practitioners to uphold high quality service while maintaining integrity and trustworthiness. Signing this Tenets is proof for our determination and passion in this industry,” said Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, Managing Director of EloQ Communications.

This new set of tenets by the WFCA recognizes the power of communication in the 4.0 era. Terms regarding issues such as data privacy, social media handlings or prevention of fake news reflect the rapidly evolving and technology-driven aspects of the communications industry. As the pandemic struck millions of lives worldwide and people rely on communication tools to stay connected and map out how they will go about their lives the next day, this is the best opportunity for communications professionals to reflect on their past works and revisit the quintessential codes of conduct in prior to any business activities.

“Today – more than ever – it is important to keep together, to meet, and to discuss. Public communications are changing literally every day and we must keep an eye on that changes constantly,” said WCFA President Maxim Behar. “Created at the Summit and accepted later Tenets will help all of us not to forget the basic rules of our business in this turbulent times,” he added.

Leading international communications associations have drafted up many variations of codes of ethics of their own, yet the shared goal is to ensure professional practitioners’ commitment to the highest standards in their practices. As a member of Public Relations and Communications Association Southeast Asia (PRCA SEA), EloQ has subscribed to PRCA’s Code of Conduct in upholding ethical and professional practice of PR and communications. Now subscribed to two sets of internationally recognized codes of ethics, EloQ Communications has proved to be a firm that values professionalism and integrity while committed to the high professional standards of the PR industry worldwide.

About EloQ Communications
EloQ Communications is an independent communications agency which acts as the eyes, ears, and voice of its clients in the Vietnamese market. Combining local expertise with a global perspective, EloQ works with foreign and Vietnamese companies of all sizes and industries to enhance their images and extend their reach in the Vietnamese market.
EloQ offers a range of marketing services, including PR, social marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, business and product branding, crisis communication, integrated strategic planning, and event planning. The agency values modernity, transparency, and flexibility above all.
For more information about EloQ and its services, please visit www.eloqasia.com
About World Communications Forum Association
The World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) was registered in Davos, Switzerland in November, 2014, upon the initiative of a group of dedicated communicators from Europe, Asia and Latin America. It was the organizer of a First Davos Online Communications Forum, which took place on Zoom with 145 participants from 42 countries. The title of the Summit was “Crisis in the societies, crisis in the industry” and discussed in details the current situation in the business globally.
About Tenets of Ethical & Responsible Communications
Tenets of Ethical & Responsible Communications was initiated by well-known PR professional from Italy, edited and amended by PR professional from South Africa, Portugal and US. The main points of the Tenets were taken from the speeches presented at The Summit.