Your bathroom is your personal “private escape” – a place to pamper, cleanse, and to rejuvenate one’s body after a good sleep or after day’s hard work. A good bathroom add value to your home.
And another great reason to remodel your bathroom from experts is in preparation for the future. As you get older, you won’t be as mobile, so you will need to adapt your home to suit your needs.
This means you should invest in things such as a walk-in shower or bath as well as handrails and raised toilets. Consider remodeling your bathroom to prepare for the future.

We Create a Space to Relax:
We here at Green Apple Construction in NYC believes that your bathroom should be construct or remodeled as a sanctuary as not only is it a place to cleanse your body but is also a place where you wash away all your stress of your daily life. So we will remodel your bathroom like, You will love completing the project and showing off to your friends and family what you have managed to achieve.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services Includes:
1. Bathroom Flooring / Tiling Renovation or Remodeling
2. Bathroom Shower / Bathtub Installation
3. Bathroom Design Service
Green Apple construction delivers high quality+affordable, innovative, and exceptional bathroom remodeling services to the NYC and Long Island areas from more thn 20 years. Green Apple Construction offers full-service in bathroom remodeling, plumbing, upgrading & repairs, and really everything your bathroom needs.

Why only Green Apple Construction for all your NYC bathroom remodeling needs?
Green Apple Construction because we have 20 years of experience in NYC bathroom remodeling and construction business, we are confident, we are experts, we have the knowledge and skill your bathroom remodel deserves.

” So let’s give your bathroom a complete makeover with the right accessories”

We are proud to be able to provide you with escape via our bathroom remodeling services in NYC, that can turn your old, tired and retirable bathroom into a stunning, relaxed bathroom that you and your family deserve.
Whether you’re looking to remodel your bathroom so you and your family can enjoy or to add up the more value of your property for possible resell, we can help you make that a reality!

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We ( Green Apple Construction ) are experienced professionals and we stand by the quality of our work!