The installing of the bamboo floor is extremely fast. Its installation pace is amazingly better than other wood floors. Another benefit of the bamboo floor could be the cleanliness when installing. While their installation does dust, it is maybe not much like other wood floors. You should not lacquer or stuff the floor. That is why we are able to state it is “clear” when we evaluate it with the installing of wooden floors or porcelain floors.

Normal look and temperature is not the thing you can get when installing fertigparkett aus bambus in your home. That material also stands apart for its energy, durability and simple maintenance. In addition, it does not need more function to install. it is 100% environmentally friendly and does not entice termites and other pests, following being treated.

The strong bamboo floor exists in the marketplace, that includes a occurrence of 0.60-0.73 g / cm3 and is fantastic for residential use. The high traffic is also commercialized, which can be for industrial and residential use because their occurrence is 1.10 g / cm3.

To help keep it as new it will only be washed with a slightly damp mop. Number polish is needed. A solution especially created for wood floors can be used, preferably without toxicity and that’s environmentally safe. You may also brush with a smooth cloth or vacuum.
Let’s learn other advantages of the massivholzdielen.

The landhausdielen is probably the most demanded wood floor in the city. The causes for this preference are the cost, simple installation, pace of installation and their lovely finish. The installing of the bambus arbeitsplatteis done just like the flying floors. It is the reason behind their name. The strong bamboo boards come with a click program consisting of a male and women port.

Doing this, the installing of the floor simple, rapidly and without the necessity for adhesives or glues. Subsequently, these wooden boards are treated, that’s, they don’t have to be polished and lacquered when the placement of the material is finished. Just like the flying floor, with the click engineering that enables rapid assembly without the necessity for stuff or hard installation work. Klick parkett can be installed on other floors without the necessity to chop or eliminate existing material.