A membership website is a private part of your website where registered users can get access to special content. You can apply the idea behind membership websites to a ton of different situations, which is why creating a membership site has become an incredibly popular strategy in 2020 and beyond.

You can use your membership site to offer gated content, create a private forum/community, offer special product discounts, plus a whole lot more.

Then, you can open up your membership community for free, charge for access, or mix and match the two strategies by offering different content to free vs paid members.

No matter how you implement it, there are some big benefits to creating your own membership site:

Build a community — you can create a “sticky” community of engaged users who will keep coming back to your site.

Earn Recurring revenue — if you offer paid premium content, you can bring in a steady subscription revenue every single month.

Open new marketing opportunities — beyond potentially selling your existing premium content, you also have a ready-made audience to sell new content/products or affiliate offers.

Best of all, you can do almost all of this on autopilot…as long as you have the right tool.

Then, we’ll dig into what you need to create your own membership website and suggest you best technology and Plugins for Memberships Website.

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