OFP Law, a Virginia construction law firm, recently released a blog answering the question, “What is construction law?” Having a strong understanding of construction law can help contractors and other professionals in the industry operate in a more efficient manner, avoid project delays, and ensure they are in compliance with all business and construction-specific regulations.

All businesses must abide by certain employment laws, such as offering workers compensation and practicing non-discriminatory hiring. Construction, however, presents unique legal challenges. Understanding the laws governing construction work can help you avoid expensive trials, fines, and other issues that could be easily avoided. With the help of an experienced construction law attorney, you can quickly resolve legal issues as well.

Construction law is made up of several areas of law. Through contract law, firms and their clients can outline their expectations regarding the payment, timeline, and materials to be used in a project. Planning and approvals law determines where certain buildings can be constructed and also pertains to inspections and building permits. Property law, meanwhile, deals with ownership, liens, and other issues that can occur when a building is bought or sold. In addition to these specific areas of the construction industry, construction law also involves some basic business law. This includes employment law, which informs both employees and employers of their rights and responsibilities, and workers compensation, which provides financial support for employees who are injured while working. Finally, litigation and dispute resolution attorneys can assist in resolving legal issues that may occur during the course of business.

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