The Justice Court is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) reality court programme on television that proffers settlement on small claims civil disputes, generally over contemporary issues facing our society. Watching this reality court entertains and educates viewers on legal matters typically encountered in everyday living. The Justice Court draws on people with genuine cause of action that choose to have their cases adjudicated upon by Judge Funmi Asaolu. Judge Funmi Asaolu has about thirty years post call experience and is a member of the Association for Professional Negotiators and Mediators.

Take a stand, get justice. “Law without justice is a wound without cure” – William Scott Downey

Her Honour, Judge Funmi Asaolu expresses that The Justice Court provides people the opportunity to have access to timely justice with opportunity to tell their stories in their own words. Parties have more inputs to determine the outcome because they are given opportunity to negotiate. The environment is less acrimonious, parties do not pay to file their disputes and the procedure is not cumbersome. Lots of litigants on the programme were not able to hide their amazements at the professionalism employed in the process not to talk of the ease of getting justice. Video and written testimonies from some plaintiffs and defendants are posted on the Justice Court website and Social Media platforms. 

The series is produced by Avonix Media Productions Limited; an innovative and dynamic multi-media company engaged in the development, production and media sponsorships of quality programming across the spectrum of media platforms. 

The executive producer, Victor Aluko stated that, “The Justice Court is the flagship reality courtroom programme in Nigeria, adding colors to our social justice. Feedback and encouragement from Nigerians home and abroad have been overwhelming since the show debuted in January 2020. The Justice Court offers an alternative dispute resolution platform to mediate amicable settlement on civil matters for parties in dispute. The parties willingly accept to take advantage of the mediation process and to have their disputes aired on television. The cases are real and the judgments are binding. Beyond granting justice to parties in dispute, the show is very educative on legal matters and it offers this in an entertaining manner. The followership / fan base is growing very rapidly, thanks to our teaming viewers for the acceptance and support.”

Victor also announced that The Justice Court has returned for season 2 with intriguing and very exciting cases, including high profile cases filed by some Nollywood stars and some clergy. The cases are just so rich and compelling. You can’t afford to miss any of the episodes. Judge Funmi in her amiable judicial temperament is ever tactfully resolving disputes and ensuring amicable settlement. She is firm, fearless and very hilarious. The season 2 cases will blow your mind with new episode showing every Saturday on DSTV and other major television networks across the country.

Watch the show at 6:30 PM and 11:30 PM every Saturday on the following channels:

  • DSTV-369
  • GoTV-114
  • Startimes-103

 also at 7:30 PM every Saturday on the following channels:

  • DSTV-418
  • GoTV-45
  • Startimes-307
  • Startstat-270
  • FreeTV – 701
  • PlayTV – 190
  • Sky-515 (UK)
  • KweseTV-720 (South Africa)
  • Stream Online on YouTube-TVC NEWS NIGERIA, Facebook / Twitter –TVCNEWSNG

Visit Justice CourtTV  channel on YouTube to watch previous episodes and follow the conversation on Instagram (@thejusticecourt), Twitter (@thejusticecour1) and Facebook (thejusticecourt).